A Lifetime in Diamonds

Expertise Forged in Legacy, Perfected by Passion

About ron

Early Introduction to Diamonds

Ron Fajerstein's story begins in a playpen, under the watchful eye of his father, Sam Fajerstein, a prominent figure in the Beurs Diamond Exchange. This early exposure laid the foundation for Ron's lifelong love and understanding of diamonds. From these humble beginnings, Ron's fascination with diamonds grew exponentially, becoming a defining aspect of his life.Ron's education in the diamond industry is both formal and experiential. Traveling to Antwerp from a young age, he became a familiar face in the global diamond trade. Both of Ron's grandfathers on both sides were in the diamond business and members of the Antwerp Diamond Exchange

Family Legacy

Diamonds run deep in the Fajerstein family, with roots entwining Ron's lineage with the very fabric of diamond history. His grandfather, Hersch, and father, Sam, were instrumental in preserving and rebuilding the Beurs Diamond Exchange after World War II. This rich family history in the diamond trade has not only given Ron a strong sense of his heritage but also unparalleled access to the world of diamonds.

Ron at his desk in Antwerp

Ron at his desk in Antwerp

Expertise and Experience

Professional Journey

With each diamond he encounters, Ron brings six decades of hands-on experience, from the bustling diamond markets of Antwerp to the emerging centers in India. His travels have honed his eye for quality and made him a recognized figure among diamond traders worldwide.

Contributions to the Industry

Ron's contributions to the diamond industry extend far beyond his personal achievements. His commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and ethics has earned him the respect of peers and clients alike. As a custodian of his family's legacy, Ron continues to influence the diamond trade with his expertise, ensuring its integrity and prosperity for future generations. Ron would procure diamond inventory for the biggest diamond cutters and wholesalers in New York, Belgium, and Israel.


A Lifetime in Diamonds: A Visual Journey

Journey through history with images that capture pivotal moments in the diamond trade. From the Beurs Diamond Exchange's resilience after WWII to contemporary milestones, these photographs document the evolution of an industry where the Fajerstein family has been a cornerstone. Gain a personal insight into Ron's life in diamonds with candid photographs. These images offer a glimpse into the daily life and work of Ron, from sorting diamonds late into the night to engaging with international dealers.

Industry Recognition

Ron Fajerstein's name is synonymous with excellence in the diamond trade. His peers in Antwerp, Ramat Gan, and New York, among others, recognize him as a pillar of integrity and expertise.This section showcases a collection of photos of Ron throughout the years.

Services Offered

Consultation Services

Drawing from over sixty years of experience, Ron Fajerstein offers unparalleled guidance in diamond selection. Whether you're a collector or making your first purchase, Ron's expertise ensures that you make informed choices, finding the perfect diamond to meet your needs.

Investment Guidance

Investing in diamonds requires insight and expertise. With Ron's extensive knowledge of the market dynamics and trends, he provides invaluable advice for those looking to invest in diamonds. Trust Ron's expertise to guide you through the intricacies of the diamond world.


Connect with Ron Fajerstein: Your Diamond Expert

Ready to explore the world of diamonds with an expert? Whether it's for investment, a bespoke jewelry piece, or simply to learn more, Ron Fajerstein is available to share his expertise.

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